University of Ottawa lab takes aim at cancer stem cells

Capital Current, Ottawa, April 29th 2019

Dr. Yannick Benoît and his lab at the University of Ottawa have been awaiting the arrival of a  spectral flow cytometry analyzer, cutting edge technology that could help him and his trainees contribute new information in cancer treatment research.

Meet Early Researcher Award winners Dr. Yannick Benoît and Dr. Kin Chan

Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, June 1st 2018

The Early Researcher Awards aims to attract the brightest and best researchers to Ontario by providing funding to help new professors build a research team.

The Faculty of Medicine chatted with its winners for the exciting details of what they have planned for their teams.

Existing Drug Found to be Effective at Killing Cancer Stem Cells

Technology Networks, June 26th 2017

A team of researchers at McMaster University has identified a unique feature of cancer stem cells that can be exploited to kill the deadly cells thought to be the reason that cancer comes back after therapy. Understanding this feature will be useful for delivering more targeted cancer therapeutics to the right patients.


Aux Trousses du Cancer

L'Hebdo du St-Maurice, December 13th 2016

Natif de Saint-Georges-de-Champlain, Yannick Benoit a su très jeune qu’il se dirigerait vers les sciences. Aujourd’hui, celui qui est considéré comme l’un des chercheurs canadiens les plus prometteurs de sa génération est sur le point d’accéder à son premier poste de professeur à l’Université d’Ottawa, où il continuera à développer des traitements pour le cancer du côlon.

Meet the Next Generation of Canadian Researchers: Yannick Benoit

McMaster University, September 25th 2015

Recently awarded a prestigious scholarship from CRS, hear from Dr. Yannick Benoit on what this will mean for his career.

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