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Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Epigenetics and Drug Discovery

The Benoit lab has a Postdoctoral Fellow position available to study human colorectal cancer and develop future therapeutic strategies to target cancer stem cells. Competitive salary with benefits and the possibility to renew/extend based on performance is available.

The research led by the candidate will utilize patient-derived tissues, high-content imaging, organoid-based 3D bioprinting systems, high-throughput drug screening, genome-editing tools, and in vivo tumorigenesis models to evaluate the impact of small molecules on epigenetic regulation mechanisms essential to neoplastic stemness. The candidate will also work with bulk, spatial, and single-cell genomic analyses, spectral flow cytometry, and single-cell proteomics.

The position is for motivated PhD or MD/PhD holder, who graduated from a highly recognized academic program, aiming to develop an independent research career.

  • A strong background in cancer and/or stem cell biology is required. Advanced skills in cellular imaging, molecular biology, flow cytometry, mammalian cell culture, in vivo models, and genomic data analysis are highly desirable. Priority will be given to candidates with demonstrated computational biology knowledge and proficiency.

  • Ability to work independently, show self-initiative and attention to detail, and motivation to explore new techniques and concepts are essential.

  • Publication of relevant research work in recognized scientific journals is an asset.

  • Outstanding written and oral communicational skills, team spirit, and adherence to highest ethical principles when collecting experimental data and working with laboratory animals are necessary.

Candidates can expect a positive, competitive, and success-oriented work environment, tailored to their personal career and publications goals. The successful candidate will engage in vibrant scientific discourse with the University of Ottawa molecular sciences and stem cell biologist community.

Salary range: $55,000 - $70,000

Please provide a CV, a cover letter stating interests in research, and a list of 3 references.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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